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[amazon text=Amazon&asin=B01ITRPORO] The Pure2Go-Kit with its adaptable accessories is the most high performance personal water purification system in the world. Like the Traveler’s Kit the Pure2Go-Kit includes a collapsible water bottle that can be used 3 different ways. The Go-Kt also contains a 2 liter, gravity feed, source water bag that will provide up to 16 ounces of water in one minute to supply the drinking and cooking needs for a family or group. The Pure2Go-Kit’s pump can supply source water directly through the Pure2Go, or to fill the collapsible bottle or 2 liter bag. The pump can also be used to rinse the Pure2Go with clean water before storing it. When used as an air pump it will pump up small tires, soccer balls and other inflatables such as pillows or air mattresses.